Lovely Day from Shortcut Agency

As a professional business man, you are surely familiar with the vast growing competition of the world markets and with the freight forwarder’s vital role for every supply chain management.
Therefore allow me to draw your attention to some main requirements that should be provided by your business partner; besides the ordinary aspects like the lowest possible freight cost – a second by second tracking to your shipments - Quality assurance and reliability.. etc I believe that responsibility, respect, collaboration and teamwork are the keywords to make a win/win deal between any two business entities,

When you teach your staff how to be responsible for their customers cargo – as well as for their world wide forwarders partners time, consequently they invest in you more than you can invest from them without these factors!

When you respect the customers trusting your name and appreciate your forwarder partners efforts. You can have it all at your finger tip.

I believe that the shortest cut to success is to support your business partner whether they are customers, a service providers or even a partner of your own industry.



                                                                        Ashraf Rashad